Drill Cracker Assembly Instructions

Drill Cracker assembly is pretty straightforward, once you've done it a couple of times.
There are 5 partially threaded posts that have to be screwed into the base.  This is what sits on the bucket and locks it into place.
The Drill Bar needs to be inserted all the way through.
The included Velcro strap needs to be wrapped around the handle of the Drill Cracker to keep the drill from kicking.  That is a real wrist saver!
The turn screw choke controls how big of an object can pass through.  By screwing it in, smaller objects get cracked, too big and objects pass straight through without getting cracked.
If the choke is closed too much then objects will accumulate without passing through.
The breaker lever can be used to unclog a jam.
Using a Drill
The best drill to use is low RPM variable speed drill. 550-600 RPM mixer drills are the best. Less than 250 RPM is best for black walnuts. Too fast and walnuts just start popping out like popcorn.